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    Students' Perception of Educational Environment Using DREEM in Napata Medical College 2021-2022
    (Napata College, 2022) Reham Osman Ahmed Mohammed; Sharifa Suliman Saleh Ali; Mahmoud Mohamed Mahdy Abd Elazim
    Background: A lot of challenges are facing the medical student in his university path to acquire the knowledge and skill that qualifies him/her to be a safe doctor. This study was conducted to assess the medical education environment from students' perception in Napata medical college, Sudan. Objective: To assess the medical education environment from students' perception. Methodology: This was a observational descriptive cross-sectional facility based study conducted in Napata medical college using the DREEM (Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure) questionnaire. Data was analyzed using SPSS V 28. Results: This study included 335 students (44% males and 56% females), with a mean age of 21± 4 years. Overall, learning environment in Napata medical collage was perceived as more positive than negative (54%). With the most problematic area being Students’ social self-perceptions (46%), and Students’ perception of teachers (47%), while they perceived learning, academics, and atmosphere as could be improved. males showed better perception of all DREEM components than females, and the third year students showed poor perception of all DREEM components compared to the other levels. Conclusion: The study found that educational environment in Napata medical college is more positive than negative. However, problematic perceived areas were teachers and social environment. Males showed better perception than females, while the third year students showed the worst perception.
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    Impact of Stigma of Mental Illness on Seeking Mental Care in Medical Students of Napata College at Khartoum State 2022
    (Napata College, 2022) Ahmed Khalid Abdelkarim Mahmoud; Badawi Hassan Badawi Alfakey; Mohamed Mutasim Osman Ali
    Background: Stigma is defined as a sign of disgrace or discredit, which sets a person apart from others. The fear of being stigmatized by others often leads people to avoid professional help. This stigma can also be internalized, further reducing the likelihood of seeking help. Objectives: This study was conducted to assess the impact of stigma of mental illness on seeking mental care. Materials and Method: This is an observational cross-sectional community base study conducted in Napata College in Khartoum state. A total of 150 students were investigated and all information was gathered via a questionnaire that was coded and analyzed by SPSS. Results: the result show a significant correlation between stigma and delay seeking help, 56% of the students expressed symptoms of mental illness, 48% feel that stigma affected their academic level, 84% of the students were never seen by a psychiatrist, 70.6% of the students think that they never seen a psychiatrist because of the lack of support from the surroundings, 53% of the students hasn’t shared their symptoms with someone close to them, 63% of the students didn’t share with their surroundings their desire to see a psychiatrist, 42% of the students think that stigma affects the request to consult a psychiatrist. Conclusion: There was a high incidence of mental illness among students and there was a significant correlation between stigma and delay seeking help.
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    The effect of physical therapy on children with cerebral palsy in Yumna Care Center and Al-tahadi Center 2022
    (Napata College, 2022) Nidal Hassan AL haj; Fatima Ismaeil Ali Mohammed; Mohja Abo-algasim Awad Mohammed; Razan Anwar Gasmalla Awadalla; Maha Adam Osman
    Background: cerebral palsy is A group of permanent disorders of movement and posture causing activity limitation, resulting from non-progressive lesions to the developing fetal or infant brain, affecting mainly the motor centers; cerebral cortex, cerebellum, and basal ganglia with frequent neurologic associations including: Mental retardation, Epilepsy, Impaired hearing; deafness, Impaired vision, Emotional disturbances, Behavioral disturbances. Objectives: To evaluate of the effectiveness of physiotherapy intervention on children with cerebral palsy and identification of available treatment options including physiotherapy techniques and equipment that may assist in the daily functioning of children with cerebral palsy at Yumna Care Center and Al-tahadi Center 2022. Method: The study was conducted at the Yumna Center for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of Children with Special Needs and Al-tahadi Center in Bahri Sudan, during the period from November to December 2022. Cross-sectional study done of Samples (103) parents, (2) centers and (30) physiotharapiest. A well-designed questionnaire was distributed to parents, physiotherapists and center management participants, and returned the questionnaires after filling them in with all the required information. The data were analyzed using the statistical package for social sciences (SPSS). The result: The study found that multiple treatment options for parents help improve children's daily performance and have a weak inverse relationship with the speed of physiotherapy results, and that parents' commitment to physiotherapy at home may quickly affect the results of physiotherapy. (90%) is agree with a clear imperative effect of physiotherapy on the children, and (98%) of parents agree with the obvious inevitable effect of physiotherapy, (45.63%) of parents have the ability to apply physiotherapy at home. (58.25%) is the effect of the psychological state of the child during the Physiotherapy session on the parents, and there are (50%) who agree that other medication help in the effectiveness of physiotherapy. (47%)is the percentage effect of prenatal cerebral palsy and postnatal cerebral palsy in response to physical therapy. The rate of pain in children with cerebral palsy before physical therapy and follow-up was (36.89%), and after follow-up and physical therapy, the pain decreased by (100%). The study also found that, according to opinions, several factors contributed to the success of physiotherapy, such as the duration of physiotherapy planned by the therapist, programs associated with treatment, and others. Conclusion: Cerebral palsy is the leading cause of physical disability in children. Physiotherapy increases independence and reduces the chances of bone deformation. According to the results of this study, it is suggested that physiotherapists develop effective educational techniques in order to involve parents more in the home exercise program.
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    Knowledge of Mothers About Diarrheal Diseases in Under Five Children in Ahmed Gasim Teaching Hospital, Sudan, 2022.
    (Napata College, 2022) Mohamed Elsayed Ebrahim Nasr Shatat; Hossam Hassan Mohamed Ebrahim Eladawy; Ahmed hegazy Mohamed hegazy
    Background: Diarrheal diseases are a severe threat to individuals in Sudan, particularly children under the age of five, this study has been conducted to assess mothers of under 5 children knowledge about diarrheal diseases in Ahmed Gasim Teaching Hospital, Sudan. Methodology: A descriptive cross-sectional, hospital-based study was conducted in Ahmed Gasim Teaching Hospital, Sudan. Among All mothers of under 5 children, data was collected by researchers and analyzed using SPSS. Results: This study has included 384 women, mean age of study participants is 30± 7 years, majority of them were housewives 75.3%. Overall, majority had moderate knowledge 57.6 (scored 50-80 out of 100)%, 19% had poor knowledge (scored less than 50 out of 100) and 23.4% had excellent knowledge (scored 80 and more out of 100). Comparison of knowledge revealed significance difference regarding occupation, education, and socioeconomic status; working women had better knowledge than housewives (p-value 0.001), knowledge increases as education level increases (p-value 0.01), and knowledge increases as socioeconomic status increases (p-value 0.002). Conclusion: The study found that mothers of under 5 children in Ahmed Gasim Teaching Hospital have moderately good knowledge about diarrheal disease but not about management tips, good knowledge is associated with higher education, working women compared to housewives and higher socioeconomic status.
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    Risck factor for lower limb amputataion in diabetic patient in (Turkish , bashair , umbada ) hospitals at Khartoum state (2022)
    (Napata College, 2022) Abdalhalem abdalrahman abkar ibrahim; Abdalaziz adel ali Hassan; Nour aldaiem altayeb alameen mohammed zain; Mohammed alnaieem alhaj babiker
    Introduction : Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders sharing the common underlying feature of hyperglycemia . Diabetes has many complications: diabetic macrovascular diseases, microvascular and Foot infections are the most common problem in diabetic patients, that is due to vascular compromising (macrovasculardisease), lack of sensation (neuropathy) in addition to microvascular disease that lead to various foot infections from superficial cellulites to chronic osteomylitis. these infections are very difficult to treat and lead to lower limb amputation (3). Objective of research: Study the risk factor for lower limb amputation in diabetic patient at Sudan hospitals in 2022 Method of research: Analytic cross sectional study the risk factor for lower limb amputation in diabetic pt at (Turkish , bashair , umbada ) hospitals and to list the post amputated complication including morbidity and mortality, also to determine the way of management and prevention provided to diabetic patients were enrolled 60 cases and orally approved to participate in the study after the approval from Ministry of Health and management of Sudan hospital. The data had been collected by questionnaire which consists of 20 questions. The population size was 60 person. Results: During our study most of cases studied were result the risk factor for lower limb amputation due to poor controlled diabetes percentage 66.7% compare with regular follow up are represents percentage 33.3%, The study also showed that cases due to low socio economic state represented percentage 61.7%,also the Study Trauma and infection represented percentage of 55%%