Risck factor for lower limb amputataion in diabetic patient in (Turkish , bashair , umbada ) hospitals at Khartoum state (2022)

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Abdalhalem abdalrahman abkar ibrahim
Abdalaziz adel ali Hassan
Nour aldaiem altayeb alameen mohammed zain
Mohammed alnaieem alhaj babiker
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Napata College
Introduction : Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders sharing the common underlying feature of hyperglycemia . Diabetes has many complications: diabetic macrovascular diseases, microvascular and Foot infections are the most common problem in diabetic patients, that is due to vascular compromising (macrovasculardisease), lack of sensation (neuropathy) in addition to microvascular disease that lead to various foot infections from superficial cellulites to chronic osteomylitis. these infections are very difficult to treat and lead to lower limb amputation (3). Objective of research: Study the risk factor for lower limb amputation in diabetic patient at Sudan hospitals in 2022 Method of research: Analytic cross sectional study the risk factor for lower limb amputation in diabetic pt at (Turkish , bashair , umbada ) hospitals and to list the post amputated complication including morbidity and mortality, also to determine the way of management and prevention provided to diabetic patients were enrolled 60 cases and orally approved to participate in the study after the approval from Ministry of Health and management of Sudan hospital. The data had been collected by questionnaire which consists of 20 questions. The population size was 60 person. Results: During our study most of cases studied were result the risk factor for lower limb amputation due to poor controlled diabetes percentage 66.7% compare with regular follow up are represents percentage 33.3%, The study also showed that cases due to low socio economic state represented percentage 61.7%,also the Study Trauma and infection represented percentage of 55%%