Knowledge of Mothers About Diarrheal Diseases in Under Five Children in Ahmed Gasim Teaching Hospital, Sudan, 2022.

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Mohamed Elsayed Ebrahim Nasr Shatat
Hossam Hassan Mohamed Ebrahim Eladawy
Ahmed hegazy Mohamed hegazy
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Napata College
Background: Diarrheal diseases are a severe threat to individuals in Sudan, particularly children under the age of five, this study has been conducted to assess mothers of under 5 children knowledge about diarrheal diseases in Ahmed Gasim Teaching Hospital, Sudan. Methodology: A descriptive cross-sectional, hospital-based study was conducted in Ahmed Gasim Teaching Hospital, Sudan. Among All mothers of under 5 children, data was collected by researchers and analyzed using SPSS. Results: This study has included 384 women, mean age of study participants is 30± 7 years, majority of them were housewives 75.3%. Overall, majority had moderate knowledge 57.6 (scored 50-80 out of 100)%, 19% had poor knowledge (scored less than 50 out of 100) and 23.4% had excellent knowledge (scored 80 and more out of 100). Comparison of knowledge revealed significance difference regarding occupation, education, and socioeconomic status; working women had better knowledge than housewives (p-value 0.001), knowledge increases as education level increases (p-value 0.01), and knowledge increases as socioeconomic status increases (p-value 0.002). Conclusion: The study found that mothers of under 5 children in Ahmed Gasim Teaching Hospital have moderately good knowledge about diarrheal disease but not about management tips, good knowledge is associated with higher education, working women compared to housewives and higher socioeconomic status.