Students' Perception of Educational Environment Using DREEM in Napata Medical College 2021-2022

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Reham Osman Ahmed Mohammed
Sharifa Suliman Saleh Ali
Mahmoud Mohamed Mahdy Abd Elazim
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Napata College
Background: A lot of challenges are facing the medical student in his university path to acquire the knowledge and skill that qualifies him/her to be a safe doctor. This study was conducted to assess the medical education environment from students' perception in Napata medical college, Sudan. Objective: To assess the medical education environment from students' perception. Methodology: This was a observational descriptive cross-sectional facility based study conducted in Napata medical college using the DREEM (Dundee Ready Educational Environment Measure) questionnaire. Data was analyzed using SPSS V 28. Results: This study included 335 students (44% males and 56% females), with a mean age of 21± 4 years. Overall, learning environment in Napata medical collage was perceived as more positive than negative (54%). With the most problematic area being Students’ social self-perceptions (46%), and Students’ perception of teachers (47%), while they perceived learning, academics, and atmosphere as could be improved. males showed better perception of all DREEM components than females, and the third year students showed poor perception of all DREEM components compared to the other levels. Conclusion: The study found that educational environment in Napata medical college is more positive than negative. However, problematic perceived areas were teachers and social environment. Males showed better perception than females, while the third year students showed the worst perception.