Evaluation of knowledge attitude, practice, barriers to ward research: The perspectives of undergraduate medical students at Napata College, 2022.

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Zohal alamin
Asma mohammed
Abd elazim abd elrahim
Amar bashir
Faozi ghazi
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Napata College
Background and aims. Undergraduate involvement in research necessitates a better understanding of their attitude, knowledge, barriers to ward research. The objective of this study was to assess medical undergraduates' knowledge, attitudes, and research barriers. Methods. A cross sectional study included medical students from the college of Napata Sudan, where a self-administered questionnaire was used to evaluate the students' knowledge, attitudes and perceived barriers. Filled questionnaires were received from the medical undergraduates of level four and five of medical school. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics. Results. A total of completed questionnaires were received from 163 undergraduate medical students. The overall result of knowledge among them was positively good (54%). The attitude of participant they exhibited that the majority of students (55.2 %) they advise to Importance of studying compulsory research methodology course Among the 163 students who actually participated in a research project (20%), Conduction of research (0.7%) Publishing a scientific paper (0.3%) Research presentation in conference (0.1%) Majority of students taught that the main barriers in conducting research were have Lack of interest (65%) Correspondingly, most of them Lack of sufficient research training (57%). Conclusion. Even though the students had the positive attitudes toward scientific research, a supportive and positive environment is needed to improve skills and knowledge of research and to overcome the barriers toward the conduct of scientific research.