Awareness of Sudanese Married Women among the Use of Hormonal Contraceptive

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Mohamed R
Suliman S
Arabi TY
Mousnad MA
Saeed AA
Aldosh A
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Objective: To determine the awareness of Sudanese women about the use of hormonal contraceptive, knowledge about the different type of hormonal contraception, common side effects caused by a hormonal contraceptive, to assess attitude about the use of hormonal contraceptive and to find out the knowledge of women about emergency Contraceptives. Methodology: Cross-sectional study conducted in-depth interviews with women consulting at obstetrics and geriatric hospital in Omdurman military hospital. A total of 335 women participated in the study. Results: Among the 335 women included in the study (335 women) were 58.8% of them were housewives, (29.2%) women were employers, moreover, Medical field, their number (11.4%) women and only (0.6%) women have not answered. The educational level of the participants as In level, University was (54.9%) women, A secondary level of education, were (31.9%) woman, Basic education level, their number were (11.1%) women, Uneducated women, were (1.8%) women, and there were only one woman declined to answer. (65.4%) from the women in the study had birth less than 4 children, (29.6%) women had birth more than 4children, while there were (5%) women hadn’t birthed. 82.7% from the women in the study were using contraceptives (60.6% were used contraceptive pills, 22.1% were used transdermal patches or injectable contraceptive) while 17.3% not used contraceptives. Conclusion: awareness of Sudanese women about the use of hormonal contraceptive was good, the most side effects was hair loss, change in mood and weight changes, the attitude to use hormonal contraceptive was most related to refuse the husbands to use it and personal beliefs, the knowledge of emergency contraceptive was low in women. Most of the women use contraceptive for family planning reasons. Half of the women were found to be lack of knowledge about more advantages of using contraceptive other than family planning.