The effects of salvia officinalis extract on modulating blood glucose levels in albino Rat

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Eman Mohamed Alamin Ab b ass
Israa Adel Amer Mohamed
Rula Ali Ahmed Mohamed
Rzaz Alamin Bashir nogod
zuhaira Mahmud Ali
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Napata College
This study was carried out to investigate the hypoglycemic effects of aqueous and methanol extract of salvia officinalis in glucose induced hyperglycemic rat (in vivo). Twenty rat were divided into four group each group contains five rats, each rat treated with glucose solution 1 g/kg body weight (glucose 50%) orally. Group I consider as control group, group II treated with glibenclamide, group III was treated by aqueous extract, group IV was treated by methanol extract and the blood glucose level was evaluated in time 0,30,60,120and 240 and recorded after that the result was analyzed and comparative with control group and group treated by glibenclamide using glucometer. During oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) aqueous extract of s. Officinalis leaves at 500 mg/kg doses clearly reduced blood glucose level in albino rat with percentage decrease of 64% as compared to standard drug glibenclamide (5 mg/kg) with percentage decrease of 75%. Methanol extraction 500mg/dl dose have the least percentage of decrease (32%) even less than control group 39%. These outcomes suggest that aqueous extract possess a hypoglycemic principle can be useful for the treatment of diabetes.