Knowledge and Attitude toward Occupational Health Hazards among applied medical students at Napata College 2021

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Mostafa Abodijana Mostafa salih
Mohammed Hassan Yousif Abd Alatte
Omer Abdelrahman Mohammed Awad Elgeed
Mohammed Khalid Mahmoud Mohammed
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Napata College
Knowledge and Attitude toward Occupational Health Hazards among applied medical students at Napata College 2021 Background: Health professionals and medical students encounter a variety of occupational health problems. Although level of knowledge and awareness of medical students toward this problem plays an importance role to prevent and control of these medical hazardous, currently there is limited information available regarding the level of knowledge, attitude and practice among the Health worker and medical students in Sudan toward Occupational health hazard. Aim of study and Method: A cross-sectional study among health colleges in their clinical training years in NAPATA College in Sudan to evaluate the impact of knowledge, Attitude of health college students towards Occupational Health Hazards during clinical Training. Questionnaire was used to collect data Results: Overall response rate was 100%, 58% of students were females. According to the students responses, students know about the occupational health hazard (83%), (50%) of them got information’s from Lecture in the curriculum. High percentage of students (92%) think OHH is related to their profession and effect it. Hepatitis B is most common acquired disease among health staff which answered by majority of students (72%). About the major hazard source, (55%) near to half of students answered Patient secretions, sharp tools, radiation and chemicals agent. High percentage (83%) know HIV and Hepatitis B are blood borne disease. (90.8%) of students choose Safety box is place to get rid of the sharp equipment. When asked about received hepatitis B vaccination majority 72% of students were not received. Questions related to HIV vaccine and transmission showed high percentage of students with correct answer. 95% of students giving also correct answer about Using of Mask can reduce the exposure of infectious T.B & COVID19 Conclusion: According to high percentage of medical students who gives a correct answers related about knowledge and positive attitude toward occupational health hazard, majority of medical students have a good knowledge toward occupational health hazard