Awareness of Mothers about Diarrhea Causes, Risk Factors, Management towards their under-five children in Ahmed Gasim Hospital 2022

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Aida Abdo Ibrahim Alhaj
Rania Ahmed Almustafa Elamin
Fayhaa Gasas A l-Khalifa Abdul Baqi
Tagwa Awad Adam
Reem Bilal Ebad Abo
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Napata College
Background: Diarrheal disease rank among the top of three causes of child hood illnesses in the developing countries. About one-third of total hospitalization children are due to diarrheal disease and 17% death related to this condition. WHO estimate that diarrhea accounted for 13.1% of deaths among child under five in Sudan in 2009 reported. Mothers are a very important group that can able to save their children's lives, therefore this s study will concern with mother's management of diarrheal diseases. The objective of this study was to study mother’s knowledge regarding diarrheal disease and management in child under five years in Ahmed Gasim Hospital 2022.. Materials and Methods: This was a cross-sectional study using the quantitative approach. A total of 120 mothers were selected randomly. Data was analyzed with SPSS. Categorical variables are presented as proportions and their associations determined by chi-square test with (P<0.05) as significant level and logistic regression. Results: Most of the mothers in current study their age was 26-35 years (46%), as well as most of them were housewives (88%). Regarding educational level most of the mothers their educational level was secondary (35%) moderate socioeconomic status was reported among most of mother. More than half of the mothers have poor knowledge about cause and Associated symptoms of diarrhea, identify the causes. Regarding Treatment and management of diarrhea most of mothers have poor knowledge regarding Treatment and management of diarrhea that is mean they did not know hazard of diarrhea. The current study show majority of the mothers have poor knowledge about preparation of ORS and stop ORS administration When Stop of diarrhea, Conclusion: Most of the mothers have a poor knowledge regarding Diarrhea (definition, causes, complication, prevention).Also most of the mothers had knowledge regarding management at home and how to prevent their children from recurrent diarrhea.