Alien Hand Syndrome: Introduction, l iterature review and overview

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Hassan I. Osman
Rudaina I. Osman
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Napata College
Few disorders/syndromes are surrounded by as much mystery as Aline Hand Syndrome (AHS) – a rare neurological disorder of connection which ergo results in misinterpretation and a loss of ownership of a limb (usually upper). In this paper, we aim to bring forth enough light on AHS so that more clinicians can correctly diagnose AHS, research efforts increase and awareness. It is, undoubtedly, misdiagnosed en masse on a daily basis as a result of our failure to properly introduce it in medical literature. A phenomenon of which we have a fair amount of understanding, yet have yet to teach it in medical references. In our search for AHS in medical references, we came across a total of only 1 reference which discussed AHS. It is important that we note that the number of references we searched was 16 and that these were well-known references which medical students and practitioners read on a daily basis all around the globe.
Osman, H.I. and Osman, R.I., 2019. Alien Hand Syndrome: Introduction, l iterature review and overview