Cytomorphological Pattern of Urine among Sudanese Patients with Urinary Tract Stone in Shendi Locality

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Mohammed Abdelgader Elsheikh Mohammed
Mahmoud Ibrahim Osman HamadKhalfalla
Alkhair Abd Almahmoud Idris
Rayan Jaffer Mohammed Khalfalla
Samia Abduelaziz Hassan Bashir
Adan Tagaldeen Ahmed Almsaadd
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International Journal of Academic Multidisciplinary Research
Background: Urinary calculi can induce urothelial cellular abnormalities comparable with those of malignancy. Aim: To detect the Cytomorphological Pattern of Urine in Patients with Urinary Tract Stone among Sudanese patients in Shendi Locality. Materials and methods: This was descriptive cross-sectional study conducted in Shendi locality –River Nile State-Sudan, samples were collected from different blocks. Then the collected samples were transferred to Histopathology lab where they processed and stained. A questionnaire for collection demographic data was performed with every participant. Results: The cytological changes in voided urines were analysed from cases and controls, 35 urine samples were taken from each group. Cytological changes were detected in (25/35) 71.4% among cases, and (0/35) 0.00% in controls. No malignancy was seen in all samples. Dyskaryosis in urine cytology revealed that, (12/35) 34.2% of cases with dyskaryosis, while no sample of controls contain dyskaryosis. Cellular atypia was detected in (19/35) 54.2% in the cases and 0/35 0.00% in controls. Metaplasia was detected in (19/35) 54.2% in cases and 0/35 (0.00%) in controls. Features of urinary tract infection were detected in (17/35) 48.5 % in cases and (3/35) 8.57% in controls. Chronic Inflammation conditions were detected in (14/35) 40% of case, (1/35) 2.85% of controls, while acute inflammation present in (8/35) 22.8% of cases and (1/35)2.85%.of controls.Conclusion: Urinary tract stone are more common in peoples live in Shendi town than people's lives in surrounding areas and Metaplasia is the most common cytological changes.
Mohammed, M.A.E., Hamad, M.I.O., Idris, A.A.A., Khalfalla, R.J.M., Bashir, S.A.H., Almsaadd, A.T.A. and Fedlemola, T.M.Y., 2021. Cytomorphological Pattern of Urine among Sudanese Patients with Urinary Tract Stone in Shendi Locality.