Evaluation of the Effect of Three Local Methods on Treatment of Contaminated Water in Rural Area in Sudan

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Nazar Abdelaziz El Nasri
Alkhair Abd Almahmoud Idris
Reem Hassan Hussein
Shahinaz IbrahimElnaim
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International Journal of Academic Multidisciplinary Research
Water contamination was playing a major role in the health hazards. Scientific verification for some natural methods used to treat water is still limited. Aim: This laboratory based study aimed to evaluate the effect of Broad bean seed (vicia faba), Fenugreek seed (Trigonela foenum gracium) and Zir in treatment of contaminated water. Materials and methods: One sample of water from Gabarona Camp in West Omdurman was examined for Physical, Chemical and microbial parameters before and after treatment with Broad bean seed, Fenugreek seed and stored in Zir in different duration of times for 5, 10,15,30,45 and 60 minutes . Results: The addition of Fenugreek, Broad bean seeds and storage in Zir lead to partially reduction of Physical characteristics of water. The results of chemical analysis of GWTBB, GWTF and GWTZ, showed that total dissolved salts (TDS) were ranged from (520-900 mg/l). After treatment with the Fenugreek, Broad bean and Zir the level of Total hardness was improved to minimum of 50, 45, and 48 at 60 min respectively. The reduction in total hardness and total dissolve salts for GWBB, GWTF and GWTZ was found to be statically differences (p≤0.05). The addition of Broad bean and storage in Zir reduced water fluoride content at 5 min to 1.3 mg/l, 1.5 mg/l. respectively. While treated water using Fenugreek exhibited lower reduction from 1.7 mg/l to 1.3 mg/l at 60 minutes. The MPN of untreated water sample was (440). The results indicate a reduction in the microbial load in GWTF, GWTBB and GWTZ by increased time duration of treatments. Our results showed that these common local methods for treatment of water slightly reduced the microbial, chemical and physical contamination of water.
Idris, A.A.A., 2021. Evaluation of the Effect of Three Local Methods on Treatment of Contaminated Water in Rural Area in Sudan.