Pharmacists Knowledge and Contribution during Coronavirus Disease‑2019 Pandemic in Sudan, 2020

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Nahid Osman Ahmed
Ali Awadallah Saeed
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Pharmacist’s knowledge about the different aspects of this pandemic is crucial because it influence their role and contribution as a frontline health‑care provider, as pharmacies and most of the pharmacy practice sectors are kept open even during lockdowns providing counseling and patient care. Pharmacist can provide valuable services during coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID‑19) pandemic, these services may include: Provide reliable information on the disease, participate in public education on preventive measures, referring of suspected cases, insuring continuous supply of medicine. Methods: A web‑based, cross‑sectional study, conducted using the survey instrument to obtain the responses from Sudanese pharmacists during the period from May 26, 2020, to June 3, 2020. A 14‑item survey instrument was developed. The web‑based cross‑sectional study was carried out among the Sudanese pharmacists. A self‑reported structured questionnaire was divided into three sections: Demographic characteristics, questions assessing the knowledge, and one question for the pharmacist contribution during the pandemic. Results: The present study showed that 51.1% of pharmacists have good knowledge about the COVID‑19. The work experience and education level significantly (P < 0.05) influence pharmacist knowledge. Majority of pharmacists contribute to different activities during the pandemic, for example, providing patients with transmission information (94%), provide factual and reliable information on the diseases symptoms (93.1%), providing patients with prevention information (91.1%). Conclusion: The present study identified that pharmacists have good knowledge about COVID‑19 pandemic. Furthermore, pharmacists contributed in many activities as a frontline health‑care provider during this pandemic.