Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Medical Students towards Healthy Lifestyle at Napata collage Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, During November 2022.

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Doaa Mohammed Mirghany
Amel Alamein Abdalbagi
Maram Mohammed Osman
Mehaad Modather Mohammed
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Napata College
Introduction: Unhealthy lifestyle has been implicated as a major risk factor for many diseases(1). The healthy lifestyle of medical students could facilitate the formation of healthy physicians who is more likely to give effective preventive counseling to their patients (2). Objectives: Therefore, this study was undertaken to determine the knowledge, attitudes and behavior of healthy life style by the near coming physicians. Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional study was conduct amongst 157 eligible forth and fifth level medical undergraduate students. An end-answer questionnaire was use to collect the data. The data was fed, coded and analyzed using SPSS 20.0 and Epi Info software of World Health Organization. Results: Knowledge regarding healthy lifestyle was medium among the study participants. Only 44.9% of the students were highly knowledgeable and about (36.5%) with poor knowledge. The attitude of the participants toward the physical activity was acceptable , yet only less than half (42.7%) subjects with negative attitude. There was a significant positive correlation between the knowledge level and the attitude level .also there was a very weak, non-significant positive correlation between the global knowledge level and practice level. Conclusion: The knowledge and practices regarding the physical activity was found to be low amongst the medical students. There is a need to provide an enabling environment for promoting the physical activity amongst them so that can inculcate the same in their patients. The medical curriculum needs to be modified to stress more on health promotion and healthy lifestyle rather than merely concentrating on treatment of diseases.