Using Intelligent ntelligent Transportation Systems the Modern Traffic Safety on the Highway in the Sudan

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Mumdouh Mirghani Mohamed Hassan
Yusuf Perwej
Awad Haj Ali Ahmed
Firoj Parwej
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Today scenario the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) has witnessed significantly increased activity in recent years, with the application of modern control, communications, and roadway infrastructure and information technologies to vehicles. The ITS is the application of computer, electronics, and communication technologies and management plan in an integrated manner to endue traveler information to enhance the protection and dexterity of the road transportation systems. Presently many countries place stakes on like technologies as autonomous transportation vehicles and cooperative intelligent transportation systems. Intelligent Transport System (ITS) aims to achieve traffic efficiency by minimizing traffic problems. It improves users with prior information about traffic, local ease of use real-time running information. The paper aims at setting a system for traffic safety on the highway, it focuses mainly on evaluation if their status and determination of their leak points. This was done on the basis of information gathered from the National Corporation for roads and Bridges and traffic police department report for 2016 & 2019 from the Sudan and field surveys are attainable, and applied in geographic information system (GIS).