Phytochemical Analysis of Ethanolic Extracts of Three Sudanese Tribulus species

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Z. A. Hilmi
H. H. EL-Kamali
A. M. Aldai
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Napata College
This study aims to explore the phytochemically bioactive compounds of three Sudanese Tribulus species. Threewild species of Tribulus; T. terrestris, T.longipetalous and T.pentandrus,were collected from KhartoumState. Their bioactive compounds were extracted by ethanol, from their roots, aerial parts, and fruits. Gas-Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy (GCMS) was used for phytochemical analysis of their bioactive compounds.In T. terrestris different compounds (20 from roots), (27 from aerial parts) & (29 from fruits) were identified by GC/MS. Six classes of chemical compounds were found; sugars, fatty acids, terpenes, steroids, alkanes and alcohols. Major components were sucrose (28.72%) in roots and 4-O-methyl-mannose in aerial parts (49.60%) and in fruits (43.66%). In T.longipetalous many compounds were identified; 23 from roots, 20 from aerial parts, and 29 from fruits. These compounds were classified into four groups; Sugars, fatty acids, terpenes alcohols. The most commonly detected compound was 4-O-methyl mannose; 73.11% (in roots), 43.24% (in aerial parts) and 35.75% (in fruits). In T.pentandrus more compounds were identified, 31 (roots), 31 (aerial parts) and 42 from fruits. These compounds were grouped into eight classes; sugars, fatty acids, terpenes, steroids, alkanes, alcohols, steroidal sapogenins and alkaloids. The major component also was 4-O-methylmannose 47.86 % (in roots), 44.75 % (in aerial parts) and 55.05 % (in fruits).The most commonly found classes of compounds in the three Tribulus species were; sugars, fatty acids, terpenes, steroids and alcohols. The major compound found in all parts of the three Tribulus species was 4-O-methylmannose. In addition other compounds were identified from T.pentandrus
Hilmi, Z.A., EL-Kamali, H.H. and Aldai, A.M., 2022. Phytochemical Analysis of Ethanolic Extracts of Three Sudanese Tribulus species.