Awareness of Diabetic Retinopathy among Diabetic Patients attending Alfaisal Eye Center

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Anwar Alhuda Bashir
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Napata College
Background : Diabetes mellitus (DM) can result in many complications such as nephropathy, cardiovascular, neurologic and ocular complications,1 with diabetic retinopathy (DR) being the most common microvascular ocular complication of DM. So to avoid worsening of DR we should be sure about awareness of patients of DR among diabetes . Objectives: The general objective of this study is to occurs due to poor control of DM and lack ofknowledge of the complications of DM.among many approaches, strong awareness of retinopathy by diabetic patients could help in the early detection, management and prevention of this complication. Methodology: This is a cross-sectional study will conducted by the questionnaire for collecting data in the survey research. Results: about 34% of patients controling diabetes by taking medication , and about 4% they don’t know . 51% they say we do a blood test to find out if person diabetic or not and about 49% of patients say we do urine test .about 52% of patients say they should take treatment of diabetes till the sugar levels get under control , and about 48% they say we should take it for life long .60% of patients say the eyes is the most affected by diabetes and about 4% they don’t know .about 32% of patients say the problem of diabets in eyes is catract , and about 4% they don’t know .46% of patients say that they find out diabetes can cause retinopathy informed by physician at local hospital . and about 4% got informed from media.books. 62% of patients say that diabetes can cause retinopathy at the time of diagnosis , and about 38 % say any other . about 69.4% of patients say that yes diabetic retinopathy can cause blindness , and about 14.3% say no. about 61.2% of patients say that factors can cause woresning of DR is poor control of diabetes . and about 8.2% they do not know .about 32% of patients say the treatment opthion available for DR is surgery . and about 4% say they do not know . about 60% of patient say the person with DR yes can have a normal vision and about 8 % they do not know .about 66% of patients say yes the patient with diabetes should have a periodic dilated eye check up to look for DR. and about 12% say they do not know.about 54% of patients say the patient with diabetes but not having DR yes he should have a dilated eye check up every 6 months and about 38% say once a year .about 86% of patients say yes they taking medicines for diabetes as advised by the physician and about 14 % of patients say no they didn’t .about 64% of patients say yes their diabetes under control and about 12 % they don’t know . Conclusion: enough awaering of DR patients could really help in early stage since they getting diagnosed by DR and spaically when they diagnosed by diabetes then kept following up with physition , medicine spacialist and ophthalmologist .