Correlation between Oral Premalignant Lesions and Tobacco Use

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Raneem MohammedSalahEldin AbdElgadir
Abrar Ahmed Alyayeb
Afra Siddig Mohammed
Alaa Abdallah Abakr1, Hiba Salah FadlAlseed
Hiba Salah FadlAlseed
Ahmed Hashim MohannedSalih Alfaki
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Napata College
Background: Tobacco use is a major public health problem globally. According to the WHO, tobacco is the second most significant cause of death in the world. Tobacco is used in different forms: smoke and smokeless. The use of tobacco and smokeless tobacco has increased and has associated with oral leukoplakia and other precancerous oral lesions. The presence of leukoplakia in adolescent users of smokeless tobacco is related to years of use, frequency of use, and the amount used. Malignant transformation may occur in 0.5% to 6.2% of individuals and is expected to increase with years of use. Objectives: To identify the correlation between oral premalignant lesions and tobacco use. To study the prevalence of oral premalignant lesions among tobacco using patients. To determine the correlation between tobacco and oral premalignant lesions and the risk of tobacco using and to find out the relation between oral premalignant lesions in tobacco users and gender. Methods: This is an analytical, quantitative systematic review study (known to some as a review article) that was conducted in the Republic of the Sudan by students at the school of dentistry at Napata College. This review is meant to discuss the prevalence of oral premalignant lesions among tobacco users, to assess the association between them and to determine the most found types of oral lesions in tobacco users. To write this paper, we inserted a plethora of keywords associated with the topic at hand. A number of researches were excluded as they were inaccessible to us; unrelated to the topic or because they were relatively anachronistic. Following this, we were left with a total of 13 papers, the findings of which are illustrated here. Results: As an overall, and from the studies mentioned, all studies agreed that thereis a correlation between oral premalignant lesions and tobacco use, in which the prevalenceof oral premalignant lesions found in tobacco using patients was between 48% and 60%. Regarding the most seen types of oral lesions related to tobacco use, the commonest lesions in all studies were found to be leukoplakia, keratosis and oral sub-mucous fibrosis. There was a degree of association found between male tobacco users and oral premalignant lesions in some studies.