Prevalence of hepatitis B virus among donors in Khartoum hospitals

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Amer Adem Ali Mohamed
Fadl Almargy Tayalla Ahmed Fadlalla
Mustafa Alnour Babiker Breima
Samah Alsir Albadwai Ali
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Napata College
Background: The prevalence of transfusion associated hepatitis B virus infection across different geographical population. We sought to estimate prevalence of hepatitis B surface antigen among blood donors in Khartoum hospitals. Method: This was a retrospective study which involved reviewing of blood donation records for the year 2020, from Oct. to Dec. at Khartoum hospitals. The records were analyzed to determine the prevalence of hepatitis B virus among blood donors. Results: A total of (100) blood donors were collected from Oct. to Dec. 2020 according to Questionnaire and the analysis were show the prevalence of HBV, according to blood groups the positive group sample have higher valid percent than the Negative of group sample. According to the ages of groups, it ranged between (31-40) old, is represented the higher standard, with ratio of 54%. Conclusion: The findings suggest that the study region is of intermediate to high endemicity with hepatitis B infection. Planning more extensive screening and vaccination campaigns and educational programs would help reduce the transmission of the infection among the general people.