Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Napata College’s Medical Students towards COVID-19 vaccines, 2021

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Mohammed Gamal Gadallah
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Napata College
Introduction: In December of 2019, the first case report of what later would be identified as COVID-19 was made . Little did anyone know that the illness would evolve to what it has. Now, we thankfully have a number of vaccines available on the market to address the ever-rising issue. Research Aim: To assess the Knowledge, Attitude, and Practice of Napata College‟s Medical Students Towards the COVID-19 vaccines in of 2021. Research Methodology: This was a cross-sectional KAP study that took place in the Napata College campus. Results: A total of 107 participants answered our questionnaire. Most of our respondents (69.2%) were female and were in their 1st year of medical school (39.3%). They illustrated a low vaccination rate amongst the participants as well as a rather poor attitude (35.8% of our participants would not recommend someone else receive the vaccine). Conclusion: In conclusion, this research project has found that the majority of Napata College junior medical students (defined as those who have yet to initiate their clerkships) were not vaccinated. We have also found that a considerable percentage have been previously infected with COVID-19. If this is an indicator, it is an indicator of a disaster to come especially given the recent high-spreading Omicron variant of the illness. This illustrates the need for immediate, well-thought out interventions with the end-goal of putting an end to the pandemic that has taken the world by storm.