Knowledge, attitude and practice to words COVET 19 vaccine among Sudanese population, Khartoum 2021

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Napata College
This study aimed to investigate community attitudes and perceptions towards COVID-19 vaccinations. Our study present insights regarding the willingness of community and this will better provide insights to address barriers to widespread COVID-19 vaccination acceptance and to ensure that community attitudes must be positive towards vaccine. General objective: To study the community attitudes, and perception toward covid-19 vaccinations. Specific objective: To Study perceptions, attitudes of communities that may have significant concerns and questions about COVID-19 vaccines.To study side effect concern of communities regarding COVID-19 vaccine. To determine the significance of difference in knowledge and perception of COVID- 19 with socio-demographic characteristics. The researcher followed the descriptive analytical approach, as this study is a cross-sectional, descriptive, community-based study. The researcher reached the following results: Most of the participants are concerned about the side effects of the vaccine. Most participants do not know that the vaccine will stop the infection. Most of the participants do not believe in the conspiracy theory about taking the vaccine. There is a significant association between knowledge and Education level, People with university education level had good attitude compared to pre- university educated. There is significant association between side effect concern and educational level of different participants, People with university education level had good knowledge regarding side effects concern compared to pre-university educated. The researcher also recommends the following: Health promotion programs to improve knowledge and address misconceptions will be a key measure to improve preparedness for vaccine uptake. Government and NGO interventions to ensure free or subsidized vaccine availability, along with a health promotion intervention, will ensure high vaccine coverage.