Assessment of the Knowledge, Attitude & practices of Mothers of Under-Five Malnourished Children at Ahmed Gasim Hospital December 2022

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Ahmed Ali Mohamed Mohamed Elhadedy
Shadin Ayoub Ebrahim Adam
Afnan Aman Allah Azhar Alhoq
Salih Abdulwahab Ahmed Alnagar
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Napata College
Background: Malnutrition among children is still one of the most challenging and complex problem worldwide. Sudan has a rapidly growing population, water scarcity, falling food production and low resilience to climate change. The combined effects lead to food insecurity which greatly influences the children‟s nutritional status Objectives: aim of the study was to investigate the impact of mothers’ knowledge on malnutrition preventive practices amongst children in Ahmed Gasem Hospital Dec 2022 Methods: This cross-sectional hospital-based study was conducted at Ahmed Gasem Hospital -Sudan during period September to December 2022 by using structured questionnaire. The e questionnaire had four sections. The first section from question 1to question 11 comprised sociodemographic information, the second part from question 12 to question 30 comprise questions related to maternal Knowledge toward their malnourished children, the third part from question 31 to question comprised questions 37 related to maternal attitudes toward their malnourished children and the fourth part from question 38 to question 41 comprised questions related to maternal perceptions toward their malnourished children Results: The present study enrolled 108 mothers of malnourished children. Their ages ranged from 16 and 43 years with the median (interquartile range (IQR)) age being 23 (21 - 30) years. Most the respondents were aged between 22 and 30 years 59 (54.6%), from Khartoum 70 (64.8%), and unemployed 81 (75.0%). The number of children of the respondents ranged from one to nine with a with a median of one (one to two) child(ren). Respondents with one and two children were constituted 40 (37.0%) and 36 (33.3%) of the total respondents. Respondents held positive attitudes towards feeding their children frequently commensurate to the need for food. The study discovered that the majority (92%) of the respondents heard and understood malnutrition. Furthermore, the study found that the majority (88.4%) of the respondents knew that eating balanced diet food prevents malnutrition. The mothers knowledge was found to be 69 (63.9%) has good Knowledge, 25(23.1 %) has Fair Knowledge and 14(13%) has Poor Knowledge .The mothers Attitude was found to be 63 (58%) has positive attitude and 45(42 %) has Negative attitude. The mothers practices was found to be 55 (51%) has good practices and 53(49 %) has bad practices