The Association between Community-Based Medical Education (CBME) & Career Preference

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Ibrahim A Ali
Mazin. S. Abdalla
Ahmed T. Abdalla
Omnia T. Abdalla
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Scholars Middle East
Choosing a career path for graduate students could be a big challenging decision. It is often influenced by many other intervening factors such as, personality, type the available specialty path, social and the list goes on. It is natural for many freshly graduate medical students prefer to work in a medical facility with high technical setting to gain the needed experience. This preference seems to transcend cultural differences; it is noticed in different societies around the globe. Community based education (CBE) could offer a more community oriented path for educating students, motivate them, make them passionate about practicing in rural settings. This review highlights the results of studies done regarding Community based education (CBE) by different researchers with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Extensive internet search has been done on research and experiments regarding Career Preference and community based education. A positive association between the CBE and the choice of students to work in rural areas has been reported. The feedback from students engaged in this program was quite satisfying.
Ali, I.A., Abdalla, M., Abdalla, A.T. and Abdalla, O.T., 2017. The Association between Community-Based Medical Education (CBME) & Career Preference.