Assessment of Sex knowledge and Sexual Education of Sudanese women with Cervical Cancer

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Alkhair Abd Almahmoud Idris
Alla Hashim Sidig
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International Journal of Academic Pedagogical Research
The main objective was to investigate the level of sex knowledge, sexual education of women diagnosed with cervical cancer in Khartoum State. Methods: This descriptive, cross sectional based study has been conducted in Khartoum State. Samples of 200 Sudanese women, 100 of them were diagnosed with cervical cancer (cases) and the remainder (100) were haven't got symptoms or signs of cervical cancer (control group). Primary data were collected using a questionnaire. Secondary sources of data related to the topic of the current study were books, previous researches, Internet, and other related published and non-published articles. The data collected were analyzed by using SPSS programme V. 12.0. Results: The findings revealed that cervical cancer and satisfaction by sexual education as well as sufficiency of the studied courses and importance of studying sexual education were significantly associated with cervical cancer (P < 0.05). Conclusion: This study was successful in raising awareness about the importance of sexual education as preventive means against STIs and cervical caner. The study highly recommends continuing sexual education and awareness campaigns among high risk group in the community.
Abd Almahmoud Idris, A. and Hashim Sidig, A., 2021. Assessment of Sex knowledge and Sexual Education of Sudanese women with Cervical Cancer.