The Reasons Of Migration Of Doctors and Its Impact On The Health System At Bahri And Ibrahim Malik Hospitals , 2022.

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Eman Mohamed Elsaid
Doaa Mohamed Elbeltagy
Sohaila Mohamed Elsaid
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Napata College
Background: Migration of physicians is a growing global phenomenon affecting the capacity of developing countries’ healthcare systems, especially in Africa, Sudan has been particularly affected by the migration of physicians. Objective: To identify the reasons of migration of doctors and its impact on the health system in Khartoum 2022. Material and method: This is a cross sectional hospital based study conducted at Khartoum state and included 130 graduated Doctors who intending to travel outside Sudan , all data were gathered by administered questionnaire and were analyzed by SPSS. Result: the result show that 54% of the participants think that migration phenomenon is a threat, 61% of the participants think of migration, 44% of the participants think that promote family situation is the most common reason for migration, 87% of the participants are not pleased with their current income, 96% of the participants think that migration has an impact on prevalence of disease and mortality. Conclusion: The study concluded that majority of Sudanese doctors are attended to migrate, it seems logical that doctors would be less likely to emigrate if they were comfortable in their home country