Vascular complications of diabetic patients in Khartoum 6 state in 2022

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Abdallah Hussein A baker Khamiss
Mohamed Adam Abdallah
Sharif Adam Khamis Ishag
Maha Mahmoud Youssef
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Napata College
Introduction: The global incidence and prevalence of diabetes mellitus has increased significantly. Patients with diabetes mellitus are at heightened risk of both adverse microvascular and cardiovascular events. The medical management of patients with diabetes mellitus mandates comprehensive risk factor modification and antiplatelet therapy. Methods Retrospective study was conducted among diabetic patients who developed vascular complication in Omdurman Hospital one of the oldest hospital in Sudan affiliated to the Sudanese Ministry of Health. In Omdurman locality. From 8/3/2022 to 11/20/2022. A sample random sampling methods was used Check list of 162 female and 162 male participants. Results: Vascular complications can occurs in both types of diabetes, and increase incidence of these complications differs from age and gender. Our research reveal that {52.8%} of type two diabetic complications occur in female, and {47.2%} occur in male. And in type one {47.2} in female and {52.8} occur in males. Conclusion: In our research reveal that incidence of vascular complications is high type2 in females and the occurrence of these complications is related mostly with type one diabetes in male.