Implementation of Problem Base Learning as a new Concept in Medical Schools

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Ibrahim A Ali
Mazin. S. Abdalla
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Scholars Academic and Scientific
PBL is an instructional method that makes the students to learn to work cooperatively in one group to reach a solution for a real-world problem. PBL regards the student as its nucleus. A different aspect of the PBL is the side of motivating students and gives them the needed push to search for knowledge. The objective of this review article is to study the PBL as a new method of learning in medical schools. Literature search strategy included electronic database searches, internet searches, hand searching, and ancestry searching and networking. PBL is student-focused, which allows for better understanding, retention of knowledge, active learning, improve content knowledge while simultaneously fostering the development of communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and self-directed learning skills. PBL obstacles involve the tutor facilitation, utilization of resources and, require more staff and more physical space.
Abdalla, M.S. and Ali, I.A., 2017. Implementation of Problem Base Learning as a new Concept in Medical Schools.