prevalence of Iron deficiency anemia among children aged 2–10 years in Ahmed Gasim Hospital 2022

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Ahmed Elzein Hassan Alzain
Badr Ali Mohmed Ali
Mohamed Ali Ahmed Mohamed Ali Suliman
Mohamed Alkhatim Altayeb Altahir
Sara Alkhair Elameen Alrayah
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Napata College
Background: Iron deficiency anemia has remained one of the most severe and important nutritional deficiencies in the world today. It is a condition that affects 20-25% of the world’s children. It impairs their cognitive development, affects their immune system and is associated with increased morbidity rates. Although iron deficiency anemia is largely preventable, there is a high rate of iron deficiency anemia among children in most developing countries resulting in recurrent blood transfusions and its associated complications. Limited information is available on factors associated with iron deficiency anemia among Sudanese children. The objective of this study was to establish the prevalence and factors associated with Iron deficiency anemia among children aged 2 to 10 years seen at Ahmed Gasim Hospital located Khartoum at Sudan throughout the study period. Methods: This was a cross-sectional study using the quantitative approach. A total of 129 children were selected randomly. Data was analyzed with SPSS. Categorical variables are presented as proportions and their associations determined by chi-square test with (P<0.05) as significant level and logistic regression. Results: The result of the study revealed the prevalence of iron deficiency anemia was 22.4% among respondents. Prevalence of anemia was 32% with 73.5% of these cases having iron deficiency. No socio-demographic factor was associated with iron deficiency anemia. The factors found to be associated with iron deficiency anemia history of recent blood transfusion in past year. Children who consumed cow milk before six months were three times more likely to have iron deficiency anemia, but no statistical significance observed. Conclusion: The prevalence of anemia and iron deficiency anemia is still higher among children from Sudan. Blood transfusion and cow milk consumption before six months increase the risk of iron deficiency anemia among children aged 2-10 years.