Polyvinylpyrrolidone Superdisintegrant: The Effect of Mode of Incorporation on Disintegration Time in Both Wet and Dry Granulated Tablets

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Mona Alshareef Almiski
Marwa Sami Mohammed
Fatima Mohammed Ali
Shadia Abdallah Izzeldin
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Napata College
Introduction: Superdisintegrats are used in tablets and capsules to ensure a faster breakdown into their primary particles facilitating the dissolution and release of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Objective: To estimate the effect of PVP as superdisintegrant and its mode of incorporation on the disintegration time for both wet and dry granulated tablets. To decide which granulation method and incorporation mode is the best in decreasing disintegration time. Method: for both wet and dry granulated tablets formtion, three batches of placebo tablets were formulated for each. The PVP superdisintegrant were incorporated extragranulary, intragranulary and partly intraextragranulary. Then, formulations were compressed and tablets were subjected to disintegration time test. Results and conclusion: the results indicate that PVP exerts a great influence in tablets disintegration time when incorporated as superdisintegrant in wet granulated tablets. The partly intraextragranular mode achieved the best disintegration time in comparison to other modes
Napata College