Effect of Garlic juice on Cholesterol Level in Albino Rats

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Nibras Yahya Adam Abdalla
Ola Salah Mohammed Alhassan
Ragda Ahmed Abdalla Ahmed
Tibyan Abdallah Ali Almahi
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Napata College
The main objective of this research work is to investigate the effect of garlic in changing the cholesterol level in albino rats. 18 rats were sub divided into 3 groups (each group contain 6 rats ) ,then groups are control group, statin group and garlic group. Control group of rats is administered a normal diet, group two rats were administered high cholesterol diet with one ml of prepared statin daily for one month Group 3 rats were administered to high cholesterol diet with 1 ml of prepared garlic juice daily for one month. Then after one month blood was collected from each rat separately and the cholesterol level was investigated by colorimeter. We found the garlic juice affect mainly Triglyceride level , 105mg/dl in normal group to 50.5mg/dl in garlic group and 117.5mg/dl in statin group. We recommend for further investigate the garlic effect on HDL and LDL levels.