Insomnia and it is Impact on the Academic Performance of Medical Students of Napata College in 2022

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Zainab Siddig Mohammed
Anfal Abdallah Ibrahim
Asma Ahmed Yosif
Reem Abdallrahman
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Napata College
Background: Insomnia is the most recognized sleep disturbance and the most common sleep complaint. Objective: To evaluate insomnia and its impact on the academic performance of medical students of Napata college. Methods: Cross-sectional observational study was conducted at the college of medicine, Napata college in the period between October to December 2022. Results: The mean age of the students was 23.42±4.39 and the majority were fifth year medical students (27.3%), 30.7% of students were mature, and 38.7% of students had a job. Regarding the medical condition, 24.7% of students had a chronic disease and 18% had a psychiatric disorder. Only 12% of students were a smoker and 3.3% consume alcohol, 52% consume 1-2 cups of coffee per day. Half of the students (49.3%) study 2-4h per day as average and 66% had a 4-6h average sleep duration. The majority of students (56%) suffer from sleepiness during the day 40.7% of them suffer from that sometimes, the most common reason was studying late at night (50%). Half of students (50%) reports that sometimes feel difficulty concentration and paying attention during the day, 56% had excessive sleepiness in class, 39.3% tend to reduce their sleeping hour in order to study and 35.3% mainly during the exams period. Regarding Academic performance, the mean GPA of students were 2.82±0.40 and 30.7% of students report that their GPA decreased while 42% reported that there was increase compared with the semester before. Considering the insomnia severity, 60% had subthreshold insomnia, 5.3% had moderate severe insomnia and 2.7% had severe insomnia. There a statistically significate relationship between GPA and insomnia. Conclusion: There is a high prevalence of insomnia symptoms among the medical students and affects their academic performance.