Intelligent System for Selecting Optimum Instructional Style(s) Based on Fuzzy Logic to Develop a Courseware (ISSIDC)

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Mohamed Fadlalla Elhag
Awad Haj Ali Ahmed
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Instructor’s teaching experience or instructional style (INST) is an essential factor in the knowledge transfer for T-learning [1], so in this paper I tried to cope (INST) in E-learning system as well. Specifically, this paper proposed (Methodological approach based on Fuzzy logic to Select the Optimum Instructional style(s) for Designing a Specific E-learning system” (MFSOI-DSE). The proposed (MFSOI-DSE) extends the fuzzy logic concepts and techniques in E-learning field, explicitly, in selecting an optimum (INST) for developing a specific courseware. In this paper I proposed a new procedure for representing the (INST) in quantitative values instead of qualitative description, using Frame of cognition/knowledge. In this paper, a conducted case study using the proposed procedure has met the selection of INST for developing a specific courseware with an expertise decision. Moreover, the paper specified the best software tools for building an automated system based on the above mentioned procedure in order to facilitate the (MFSOI-DSE).The topic of this paper lies on a multidisciplinary area of research, so it needs a solid background in computer science, Fuzzy logic and Instructional design field. Finally, I hope this paper will improve the quality of the E-learning systems based on IQP (Instructional Quality Profile) [1].
Elhag, M.F. and Ahmed, A.H.A., 2013, August. Intelligent system for selecting Optimum Instructional style (s) based on fuzzy logic to develop a courseware (ISSIDC). In 2013 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTING, ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING (ICCEEE) (pp. 518-524). IEEE.