Comparative smart market

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Athelah Mohamed Omar
Zaineb Fathalrahman Sedeeg
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Napata College
In view of the wide spread of the Internet, which has become accessible to most members of society, and the country has gone through one of the biggest crises of the new century represented by the outbreak of the new Corona virus, and from the standpoint of facilitating people's lives, keeping pace with technological and cultural development and achieving development in Sudan, the idea of the project was launched, which is to provide a website for marketing basic food commodities. The idea of the project is to provide a website that reaches the largest possible number of customers through the site, so that it achieves the main goal of the project, which is to compare the prices of food commodities in the major stores, which are the main point for buying groceries and slipping you through one site, which saves them the trouble of traditional shopping, saves the time and effort of the shopper and transforms Shopping for the pleasure of surfing the Internet from different computers or via smart devices from anywhere. We are also looking forward to adding all the major stores in the country to facilitate the exchange of services and the delivery of products on a wider scale.