Drugs and Pharmacy Locating System

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Mohammed Jaafer Ibrahim
Mohammed ALwasila Ali
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Napata College
The technological development that the world is witnessing today in various aspects of life has had a clear impact in many areas. Also, the rapid technological development that has appeared in smart phones has become very reliable in carrying out our daily tasks, we researchers proposed to create a two-part system, the first part, the customer part, which is It is an application that works on smart phone devices that use the Android operating system, the application provides a search for drugs to be searched, where a group of pharmacies are searched to find the required medicine, and the application also searches for pharmacies nearby of the customer on the map based on google (Api) including other (Apis) provided by Google and determine the exact location of the customer , And the second part, which is a management system for the customer's system (application), the system has been tested and made sure that the operations are done correctly and clearly so that anyone can deal with the system and use it with ease.